Afriqiyah Airways

Afriqiyah Airways Online Booking
Afriqiyah Airways is an airline based in Libya, and is owned by the state. Its headquarters are in Tripoli with its main hub at the Tripoli International Airport. The airline works on a small network of destinations in Africa and the Middle East.

On-Board Afriqiyah Airways Airlines
Afriqiyah Airways has two main classes of travel: Economy Class and Business Class. The seats on-board are comfortable with maximum space for an enjoyable flight. Delicious meals are served on-board and there are a number of options for in-flight entertainment.

Flight Connectivity and Fleet
Afriqiyah Airways has flights flying to destinations like Accra, Amman, Khartoum, Cairo, Jeddah, Istanbul and Algiers.
The airlines has a young fleet of six aircrafts comprising of Airbus A300, Airbus 319 and Airbus 320.

Baggage and Additional Services
The checked baggage allowance for Afriqiyah Airways depends on the class of travel and destination travelling to.
  • The carry-on luggage allowed is up to 8 kgs.
The airline also provides a frequent-flyer program.