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Who we are?

Travelwings.com is a Dubai based privately owned leading Online travel agency with over 25 years of experience in the Travel Industry. The company is driven by the vision to take customers through a journey without boundaries or limitations.

What we mean?

Simply put, we are a brand that exudes excitement, triggers joy and happiness and works diligently towards customer satisfaction with utmost transparency. What you see is what you get.

Brand Promise

Experience choice, control and convenience like never before.

Brand attributes vs customer needs

With primary focus on MENA, we approach our business with simplicity and are always helpful and never hindering. We believe that when you provide a seamless user experience and exceed customer satisfaction, you inspire confidence.

Unique promise proposition

In a world where everyone loves to talk, we seek to be different – by listening to our customers, understanding their unique needs and giving them what they desire.

Brand positioning

We are a retail & leisure travel facilitator that offers takes its customers through a journey without boundaries, for a price that’s competitive but not the cheapest.

Why Use Us?

We are competitive, easy to use, one-stop travel shop that serves you round the clock, 24X 7.

Core promise to customer

Once you have tried us, you will always travel with us

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Office Address:
Shop No F11B,Nester Square, Airport City
Phone: 0302 218000
Email: ghana.care@travelwings.com

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